About Me

Hi. My name is Penni-Lee Talbot.
I live in the town of East London, which is on the Wild Coast,  on the eastern shore of South Africa.
I live with my two cats, Tinkerbell & Dartanian.

Tinkerbell & Dartanian

One of my favourite things to do is to go for walks on the beautiful,  undeveloped beaches here.


I have many beaches to choose from which are not far from my home
and are safe enough for me to go to on my own.

My friend, who takes me with him to the remote beaches when he goes to collect mussels,
has taken to calling me a “strandloper”.
The Strandloper were a San tribe who relied on the sea for their survival.
They no longer exist but he is convinced I am one of them.

Whilst walking along these beaches I started collecting the many treasures that had recently washed up. Treasures to me are driftwood, sea shells, sea urchins, sea glass and smooth pebbles and stones.
One bucket of findings grew into so many that the different shell types now each have a bucket of their own.


I made the Driftwood into, amongst other things, a 1.5m Christmas Tree,
Wreaths, Stars, a Sunburst and Picture Frames.


About Me Shells

I used the Shells & Sea Urchins to make into Chimes, Mobiles
and Ornaments to decorate the tree.

By the end of the year I had made a lot of these creations.
Way more than I needed but I enjoyed collecting and creating.

Lastly I contemplated how to use the sea smoothed pebbles.
I tried painting many different subjects and styles but nothing that I was happy with.



Eventually I tried the style of pointillism, which is creating pictures with lots of dots.
Some of the dots are 2 centimeters and some of the dots are so tiny I make them with a pin.
It took many mistakes, many stones and many hours to create something I was happy with.

Turquoise & Blue Design

I was hooked on these new crafts. I painted and crafted whenever I was not at the beach
or in the garden and I was starting to running out of space.

I gave things I had made to friends and family who told me I should be selling them.
I was not ready to take that step though.

By December 2015 I had a lot of creations.
I got brave enough and booked a stall at a Christmas Craft Market not far from my home.
It was a success! I did another one the following weekend with as much success.
I was thrilled that other people liked what I was making.
My hobby was now becoming something more.

One year on and I have found my “home” at Avalon Market at Kidds Beach. It is 45 minutes out of town,
on the first Sunday of every month under the trees at a horse farm. https://www.facebook.com/AvalonAtKiddsBeach/

This website is the next step in sharing my creations with more people.
Enjoy looking through my Gallery & Shop.
I look forward to sharing beachcomber stories
& exciting new projects with you.