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At a recent market a woman walked into my stall, looked around for a few seconds, looked at me with disgust and said “Oh, Pinterest” and walked out.  She then stopped a few steps outside my stall, turned around and took a picture of my sign?  Her taking the photo still has me confused.

What I want to know is what is so wrong with me creating things inspired by pictures on a website developed for this very purpose?


For me to make my creations successfully, I have had to learn which brand of paint to use, how to mix it to the right consistency,  which colours work and what tools make the best dots.  None of this information comes with the pictures on Pinterest.  Sure Elspeth McLean has a few video tutorials of how she makes her masterpieces but I didn’t follow her paintbrush technique.
Here is a link to one of her videos if you are interested.  
There are many more things I have had to learn which I will go into when I do a Stone Painting tutorial.

I have had to learn which varnish works with Sea Urchins. What size drill bit I need for the holes.
How to drill through sea shells without breaking them.

Yes sure some of my creations have been inspired by Pins I saw on Pinterest.
Some of my creations are also completely unique, no Pinterest influence at all.

How many times are things seen, admired and Pinned on Pinterest and that is as far as it goes.

So what makes it so bad that I tried these things and got them right?
And it doesn’t mean I just tried them once and got them right.
It means I just didn’t give up after my first attempt or tenth attempt.

My pot plants and garden are a graveyard of stone failures.
My flower beds are full of broken urchins and I am assuming the calcium in the shells is good for the plants.

I must admit that I have had lots of Pinterest failures.  One of the messiest I remember is when I decided to create marbled drinking glasses using nail polish.

It looks simple enough.
The Pinterest instructions were very clear and simple with steb-by-step pictures but what a mess.
No marbling just a huge blob of different colours of nail polish congealed on the bottom of the glass.
It looked like the nail picture below just on a glass.  Not very attractive.

It may be on Pinterest but that doesn’t mean it is easy and that anyone can make it.

It is a wonderful place for ideas and inspiration but please don’t tell me that just because it has been on
Pinterest it doesn’t require time, effort, and even some ingenuity.

I have incredible admiration for someone who has sewn or knitted something they saw on Pinterest.
I cannot sew or knit no matter how many times I Pin patterns or pictures of clothes.

Without Pinterest I think we would all be a lot less inspired.

The Pin to Pinterest Button is working on my website so feel free to Pin.

To all my fellow Pinners, keep Pinning, keep encouraging and keep creating.