This is all about my crafting and my life. Most of it relates to the creations I make but

every now and then there will be something completely unrelated, like my cats.

My crafting in East London started when I saw the huge piles of driftwood on the

Nahoon Mouth Beach after rainstorms upriver.

I wanted to make a driftwood tree. That sounds quite simple but there were a few complications and learning curves in order to create exactly what I wanted.

I won’t go into the tree right now but if you haven’t read the About Me page,

here is a picture of the finished product.

This article will be about where I collect my supplies from. I think if these beaches were

not as beautiful and peaceful I would never spend as much time there and would

not have the materials to create these things.

Nahoon Mouth is the beach which is closest to my house.

It is only 4km, or 7 minutes away by car.

The Nahoon Mouth Beach is where the Nahoon River forms an estuary at its mouth before flowing out into the Indian Ocean. Most of the Nahoon Mouth falls under a Conservation area so there is little development directly on the beach/river mouth except for jetties from houses a bit further in.

This is where you walk onto the beach after you have parked your car.

All of these beaches are relatively uncrowded.

I normally go collecting during the week so there are even less people around.

Nahoon Mouth is a great place to collect driftwood because the wood gets washed

down the river then washed back onto the beach by the sea.

This is a view from Nahoon Mouth down to Nahoon Corner and finishing up

at Mermaids Pool. There is only one building which is the Surf Lifesaving Center.

Around the corner is Nahoon Reef.

Often I walk from Nahoon Mouth to Nahoon Reef.

The time this takes all depends on what has been washed up and how windy it is!

This is one of the many Dassies who hang out at Nahoon Corner.

They flourish in the conservancy and are always sunning themselves

on the rocks Nahoon Corner.

This is Nahoon Corner. It has lots of rock pools but not many Sea Urchins.

This is a view from Nahoon Corner back to Bonza Bay Beach.

I can only go adventuring on the Bonza Bay side when there is someone with me because there have been a number of muggings reported there. The Bonza Bay side has better rock and Oyster Shell pickings because of the rock pools along that piece of the coast.

At Spring High and Low there are lots of sea urchins as well.

So yes, a lot of beach, not too many people and an unlimited supply of treasures
to create beautiful pieces.